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Kal Elsehsah

a year agoEdit
Great and safe place for individuals and families who seek.great sport that I consider to be the best martial art. I and my kids joined RCJ Machado during the summer of 2017, we all enjoyed the authenticity of Machado family who operat it. …More
Response from the owner22 hours ago

Thank you for the review Kal! You and your kids are great students and we see the grand potential and quality in each and every one of you. We are happy to have you all here training and improving everyday. Any further feedback you have just let us know. 🙂 – JM Staff

Andrew Zai

I’ve trained at nine academies that I can think of, and this one stands out. The atmosphere is very conducive to developing your skill as a martial artist, and is a family friendly environment. I plan to spend several years here and enroll my children when they’re old enough.
Angel Rodriguez

This Academy is wonderful. It has inspired me to achieve life alignment, personal accountability, and further reinforce my life legacy. The training is exceptional and the instructors are fantastic. Professor Machado is a role model for us all.
Myrna Trubey

Fun, safe, fantastic place for the whole family to train. Instructors are watchful and help each individual to master techniques and adapt moves based on body types and strengths. All students are respected, encouraged, and taught to help each other. Love this place!
oneslyjoker .

I’m a student here. They have a world class head instructor who is a 7th degree BJJ black belt. Have several black belts which is rare. The school has a very diverse variety of ages, body types, and experience levels. Great camaraderie and positive atmosphere to learn in. What more could you possibly ask for?
W. Edward Beck

John Machado BJJ is a superb academy to train in the DFW area. There are very few places in the country where you can train directly with one of the legends of the sport. A coral belt and black belts there almost every day to help anyone …More
Angel Rodriguez

Amazing atmosphere and culture of collaboration. It’s my honor to be a student of this Academy. The instructors are world class and the Professor is a fantastic role model. We support each other and learn from each other. I would …More
Jazz Journey

Great academy, from the first day I came to get information it felt like home. Safe environment, friendly students and you get to take lessons from a BJJ legend, his sons and awesome assistant instructors.
Thomas Mader

Professor Machado is amazing, as well as the other instructors. In as little as 7-8 months I’ve learned enough to feel very comfortable defending myself against an untrained thug, while at the same time having barely scratched the surface …More
Tai Roberts

I’m an older guy (48yrs) that trained BJJ before. I stopped almost a decade ago, but always wanted to get back into it. So, when my teen girls admitted to being interested in taking BJJ early this year (2019), I dropped everything and …More
Response from the owner22 hours ago

Thank you so much for the review! Very happy to see the progress you and your daughters are making. We are glad to have ya’ll here with us. Any further feedback you have just let us know. 🙂 – JM Staff

Bell Locksmith

My daughter goes here and loves it! The instructors are all great with kids and have shown her many different moves. John Machado Jiu Jitsu Acadamy is really dedicated to training my child correctly. They are friendly and knowledgeable. Great place to learn Jiu Jitsu!
Response from the owner22 hours ago

Thank you for the review. Your daughter has been doing fantastic in her training. Any further feedback you have just let us know. 🙂 – JM Staff

Bryan Carnevale

Tracy Norrell

Great place for kids to learn BJJ under a recognized leader and expert. The kids classes are will paced and you can tell that the instructors care about the art. …More

Response from the owner22 hours ago

Thank you so much for the review Tracy. Your positive words really mean a lot. We are very happy with the progress your child has been making in their training. Any further feedback you have just let us know. 🙂 - JM Staff

Danyal Ahmed

If you're hesitant or intimidated by the thought of starting Jiu-Jitsu this is the perfect Martial Arts Academy to start and stay at. …More
Deva Perez

My 8 year old daughter has been attending classes for around a year and a half. She was so excited to take classes and her enthusiasm has only grown. The instructors are all helpful and caring, they make an effort to make your child feel …More
Response from the owner22 hours ago

Thank you for the review! Your daughter is an amazing student and we are truly so happy to have her here with us. She gets better ever year and we are excited to see her progress. Any further feedback you have just let us know. 🙂 - JM Staff

Shane H

I love training at this Gym. I would highly recommend to anyone considering. The professor, his sons and steve are incredible instructors with passion and a big heart. You get Ivy League quality education and training here. Very easy …More
Camilo Latorre

Incredible experience training under the legendary Machado family. I've made many great friends here the past few years and learned how to defend myself shall I ever need it!
mays salama

If you balance a stressful course load or a demanding job, then this is the perfect relief. When you enter this gym, you forget about all your problems. when you leave the gym you are better equipped to deal with your problems because your …More

Ashton Harris

What an amazing gym. Everyone is so kind and extremely welcoming! They are also very knowledgeable and truly want you to become a better grappler. If you are currently looking for a place to train DO NOT pass up this place!

RCJ Machado In Allen, TX has been a true blessing for myself and family. From day one as you enter the door you're greeted and treated as family and welcomed. My child has flourished mentally and physically with their kids program, …More
Ahmad Salama

I really feel like it’s a great family here. The expertise and wisdom of professor Machado combined with the safe and constructive atmosphere really make this place 1 in a billion
Aaron Byrd

I have known John Machado for many years and he is good man with a big heart. He enjoys what he does and is always patient, helpful, and willing to teach others to achieve their goals.
Joel Howells

Great atmosphere, training with proffesor John Machado and his sons John and Jean has been a life changing experience. I had never trained any martial arts before joining this school and from day one was welcomed and felt comfortable. You can not find a better place to train and learn. World class!
Huo Jin E

when the students is ready. Teacher always here . John machado Brazilian jiujutsu class is the best place to go . Wonderful people around and the best teacher you can find in the whole world. I am the one who was never knowing jiujutsu can …More
Abel Guillen

I've been training over 2 years now and it has changed my life. I'm extremely grateful the Professor came to Allen. I recommend the school to anybody. If you want to learn from the best, come train with Professor Machado at RCJ Machado 👍
Jay Shellhammer

I've trained Jiu Jitsu for 9 years now and have had the fortunate opportunity to train at some of the best schools in the country. After relocating to McKinney and finding John Machado's school only 2 months ago I can't be happier to learn …More
Davi Lima

Great place to learn the martial arts of bjj with elite discipline instructors. Friendly environment where you can learn and meet great friends.

World class instruction. If you haven't heard of John Machado, look him up. I was an advanced student before coming to the school, and this is by far the best instruction I've received. Prof. Machado immediately puts you at ease and the …More
GiNelle Traina

Cannot say enough good things about this place! You will be hard pressed to find better people to train with. We are very particular about who we allow to lead and coach our sons. With that said, we are thrilled to witness the leadership, …More
Aaron Menard

This may be one of the next Jiu-jitsu schools in Dallas that offer excellent training and a fun, comfortable family environment. Professor John Machado is in the school every single week teaching, and the people that train there are also high quality people. Highly recommend training here.
Jered Case

Fantastic family oriented environment. My 4 year old daughter loves going and is already telling me she wants to start doing BJJ. As for me I have done several martial arts and I have to say that I have not experienced such a fun, …More
Chad Armstrong

I stumbled across RCJ Machado Allen in September of 2015 hoping to find something challenging and different. When I started, I knew nothing of the Machado family and their lineage in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It didn’t take long to figure out …More
Kevin Wasp

It is an honor to be able to attend RCJ Machado in Allen. Professor John Machado has developed a world class Jiu-jitsu school right here in Allen, TX. The school has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and I always look forward to coming …More
Todd Musselman

We came to RCJ Machado after one of my three daughters expressed some interest in learning a martial art. After trying out several martial arts schools that were not a fit for us in the Allen/Plano area, I am glad that we gave RCJ Machado …More
Dan Kinchen

This school changed my life. To study directly under Professor John Machado is an incredible privilege and opportunity. I'm 43 years old and in the best shape of my life, and have more self confidence and self control than ever before. …More
Cheryl Kowalski

RCJ Machado Jiu Jitsu Allen is a beautiful new school with world class training. Mr. John Machado and his sons John and Jean are the best of the best in teaching and training all levels from children to adults. Excellent - Highly Recommend!!
jenny grant

Roger S

Great place, world class training and awesome people; can't get better than this. So what are you waiting for? Get in there and learn some Jiu Jitsu!
Vin Sivapatham

I've had an interest in Jiu Jitsu for a while but was unsure of how and where I should start my training. One of my friends who has trained for nearly 10 years told me about RJC and that the legendary John Machado and his family were …More

Everyone in our family trains here! Fantastic family atmosphere. This is the only place to train.
Keith Bryant

RCJ Machado in Allen, Tx is AWSOME ! Family environment, safe training-sparring, learn from THE SOURCE Professor John Machado and his sons John Jr and Coach Jean. They will help you with hydration, nutrition, physical condition, and …More
Adam McKnight

When you walk in the doors, you will see a sign that reads "leave your ego at the door"... There is no better way to describe this gym.
Shannon O'Toole

Our 11yo son has been attending since February 2016. After 5 years in Tae Kwon Do, it was simply a way for him to change things up. Naturally, after being comfortable at his ATA school for years, we were cautious about another school and …More
Khaled Elsehsah

Edwyn Mercado

Emma W

Legend Dry Wall

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