Taekwondo VS. Jiu Jitsu | Which Is Worth Learning For Self-defense?

Due to the massive popularity that they have gained over the years, it’s tough to decide which of the two – Jiu Jitsu or Taekwondo is better as a form of self-defense. Taekwondo and Jiu Jitsu have gained momentum because of the high efficiency of the technique of fighting which is used against the opponent. Both of these are popular forms of martial arts practiced by people of all ages and genders.

Despite the two martial arts forms focusing on practicing effectiveness in the techniques of fighting, their fighting styles are entirely different from each other. This brings us to wondering which of the two sports should be chosen for learning self-defense. Let’s discuss elaborately on the two forms of martial arts.


Taekwondo has its origin in Korea and since then it has derived its name as Korean Karate. Taekwondo means the method that is used for the fist and the foot, the art of punching and kicking. This specific sport teaches you how you should use strong kicks, punches blocks and footwork in order to disable the attacker immediately. Once you focus on a taekwondo demonstration, you can witness certain flying and jumping techniques like the roundhouse kick. In this type of kick, you have to kick the opponent horizontally and this kick is pretty fast and powerful. If this type of kick is thrown carelessly, it can get deadly.

Being more than 2000 years old, this form is considered to be one of the oldest among the bunch. Taekwondo focuses more on kicks and their kicks are initiated in inhuman speeds. Once the person executes these kicks properly, they can be powerful and strong but if done in a wrong way, it can lead to brain haemorrhage.

Jiu Jitsu

On the contrary, Jiu Jitsu has its origin in Brazil and it is entirely different from Korean Karate due to the main fact that it doesn’t depend on kicks and punches only. Jiu Jitsu is rather a ground-fighting art which concentrates on utilizing chokes and joint locks to disable the attacker immediately. You have to use your aggressor’s power which includes using your own clothes as weapon, targeting the main points thereby making it appropriate for real life situations.

The triangular choke is one of the most famous techniques of Jiu Jitsu. Here you wrap your legs all over the neck of the attacker in such a manner that it restricts the blood flow to the brain by squeezing of the neck. This is one of the deadliest techniques and can lead to unconsciousness to the aggressor. Just as Taekwondo, the Jiu Jitsu is also perfect for all genders and ages. In fact, this even happens to be popular among kids.

To conclude, it can be said that both the above mentioned sports are perfect for self-defense. Nevertheless, you’ll have to utilize them according to your situation. In case you’re standing in front of the attacker, you can use the art of Taekwondo to throw brutal kicks. On the contrary, if you find your attacker taking to the ground, use the art of Jiu Jitsu.

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